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Anyone running Jeep wheels?

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I did some research to make sure the Jeep wheels would fit. Same offset, lug pattern etc. bought a set and ordered some tires. Took em to discount tire to get the tires mounted, balanced and TPMS installed. Thought I was all good. But discount tire would not mount em on my car. They say the Jeep uses a 14mm lug and the Pacifica uses a 12 mm lug and therefore refused to put them on the car. Is this just a liability thing with discount tire?? I know I’ve seen some guys running different Jeep wheels. Is this a problem? What can be done if needed? I already bought everything.
Any help would be appreciated.
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In that article there is #4 Flat Seat lug nut. Is that the pass-through style needed for some racing applications? As it proves/provides that the bolt is long enough and not too short and hidden by other types of lug nuts? I once asked a friend of my brother if he had tested his home garage hotrod on a track. He said he hasn't as he didn't have the right lug nuts. It was registered for the road and just for fun anyways.
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