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Auto-headlight sensitivity

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Does anyone know if we or the dealer can adjust the auto headlight sensitivity? I scoured the options in my Uconnect system and the owners manual but didn't see anything. They seem to be overly sensitive on my vehicle. I can be in stop and go traffic on a completely cloudless sunny day and stop under the shadow of a tree and the headlights will come on. Then it takes them a min or 2 to turn off! Kind of annoying because then the dash lights dim when the headlights come on and i cant see the gauges or Uconnect screen because its so bright out!
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My headlights don't shut off when it's this light out.....this is everyday for me. Seems overkill for them to stay on.
Are you sure that what you're seeing isn't the daytime running lights? They can be switched off in the Uconnect settings menus.
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