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Auxiliary and Stability control light up

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I have taken my 2018 Pacifica in multiple times for stability and auxiliary warnings. Both batteries were changed multiple times. Recently the vacuum pump was changed. I read some posts on here but wondering if anyone has this issue and has gotten it fixed? At this point I want to sell but the warning lights are not a good look. So after driving off, both lights light up almost every time. I am trying to keep track of anything I do differently on days it actually doesn't come on. The dealership has given up and I have put in a ticket with Chrysler and will take it into another dealership. Just wanting to see if anyone else has experienced this.
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There’s a control module , abs pump , have they looked at these components.
An educated guess is one of the main power connections is weak. I'd at least need a list of DTCs before I could make any suggestions. They should be included on the repair order printout.
Hi @Gaby!

If interested, we're here to help as well in combination with your dealer. Send our team a private message with your vehicle's mileage to begin a conversation.

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