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Battery coolant heater class action? This is round two for me....

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Hi all,

I just got the code pulled on my latest CEL. It is the POE15. Same as last May when they replaced the first battery coolant heater.

9 months later and the problem is back.

I had told a Walnut Creek, CA service center tech in June that I was still having problems with my heat/defrost after the repairs. He dismissed my concern, claiming it was fine and that the center (in another state) that replaced the coolant heater, must've just failed to bleed the system. I've had intermittent problems with the heat/defrost since. Today the service manager at the Walnut Creek service center said that I could still drive vehicle, but I likely wouldn't have heat in hybrid mode. So it seems they are related after all. I was also told I wouldn't be able to charge vehicle so long as this problem remains.

In light of the numerous accounts of this failure, including others like me with multiple failures, I am going to be calling class action attorneys today. Last time I spoke with one, there were not nearly as many accounts of this failure. That was 8 months ago. Now there are so many I'm surprised there isn't already a firm seeking certification.

Feel free to contact me via messaging if interested.
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Hi, thanks for the quick response. I will discuss this with the workshop. If the problem persists after that, would the following part be the correct one for my vehicle?

And where could I get such a software device? I'm considering buying one myself so I don't have to drive 3-5 hours to the dealer every time to have the vehicle read out there.

Best regards and
And thanks for the quick help
You will need to buy a microPod 2 where ever you can find one. The link below is an example of what is needed.

MicroPod 2 V17.04.27 Online Programmer Diagnostic Tool Scanner For Chrysler Wifi

Then you will need a wiTECH online ID and the vehicle security key code.


The subscription costs a fortune to use it.

Aftermarket |FCA wiTECH
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Yes, okay. Thanks for the answer.
Then the only way left for me is to go to the workshop.

$1600 for one-time use is too expensive.

But thanks anyway.

What claims do I have against FCA if the part is defective. My vehicle was built in 2017 and has run 39,000 miles.

I was now with my Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid vehicle in a specialist workshop in Hamburg (Germany) they wanted to do the updates.
However, they could not do this because the description of the updates stated that the battery could start burning during installation. Since they don't know how this is insured and they don't have a fire extinguisher for this case, they didn't fix the update and the error either.

Is there a possibility that Chrysler will take the vehicle back? My problem is that my MOT expired in April and I won't get a new MOT with the engine light on.

Warm greetings to Germany
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