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Battery dies on Pacifica Hybrid - Rolls out of driveway into street!

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This morning my 2018 Hybrid Limited was dead. It had been plugged in overnight using the 110 charger that came with the van. It would not start, and briefly flashed some kind of service needed warning on the screen. Then the screen turned off and the vehicle repeatedly made a clicking sound. The screen would not come back on, and the van was completely unresponsive.

We exited the van and went back inside the house to call the dealership. When I looked back out the window, I noticed the windshield wipers were ever so slowly in motion back and forth. I checked the switch but the wiper was set to the “off” position. None of the wiper controls would change the setting. The dealership set me up with a number for Chrysler tow.

I exited the vehicle to make the call, and was standing about 20 feet away from the van. Suddenly the van started rolling backward down the driveway and into the street! Fortunately it came to a stop in the middle of the street without hitting anyone or anything! I ran over and checked it and still everything was unresponsive, the wipers no longer moving however the parking brake button, and shifter buttons, and overhead lights were flashing.

Fortunately no one was behind the van or they could have been seriously hurt or killed! We had the van towed to the dealership. The tow company the Chrysler contracts with lifted the front tires and towed it on its rear wheels (hopefully that didnt damage anything).

This is the third electrical issue with this van. The day I purchased it, the salesman went to pull it around and found the van to be dead. He said someone left a light on. It sounded like they were going to replace the battery, but ended up just jump starting it.

Then on 1/7 I brought the van in for service again because of a speaker static noise when brakes were applied while the blu ray was playing a movie over the speakers. They checked and found no issue. They said they charged the battery.

Now just two days later the van is not only completely dead in my driveway, but it is a MAJOR safety issue, that for any reason it would disengage from park and roll backward! I just don’t feel safe in this vehicle anymore and it has not even been 3 weeks, and less than 650miles on it.

I let my dealership know, and as a member here suggested, I reached out to @ChryslerCares. I expect the dealer to work with Chrysler to get me a vehicle I can feel safe putting my family in. Does anyone have any ideas here on what could cause the van to release all brakes and roll backward?? The hood was raised at the time this happened as well.




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We leave one or both doors open on our 2018 Hybrid almost every night in the garage for up to 3 days without driving or charging it and have never had a problem.

In my 18 months reading this forum it really seems that folks either have all kinds of problems or everything works as designed. I feel bad for those who got the bad draw but encourage you to pursue your state's lemon law. Its a pain but if you can get one that works as designed you'll be much happier. And the 2nd $7,500 credit really helps on your TCO.
I wonder if a good chunk of the issues boil down to a bad group of batteries. I know first-hand that Subarus do crazy non-sensical things when running on weakened batteries, even if the alternator works perfectly. Speaking of alternators, I wonder since the hybrids don't have one, does that exacerbate any problems?


Here is the two videos I took immediately after it rolled. I appreciate everyone’s comments here.
Dang lucky nobody got hurt and nothing was damaged. I'm on a steep hill, it would have been majorly ungood to say the least.

Also don't know if it's a factor or not, but interesting to note that it was raining out.
Interesting about the hybrid using a pawl to lock gears rather than the friction brake used the gas Pacificas. What then is the mechanism for for transmission "park" -- there is no way should it be the identical mechanism........

On mine, I feel the brake pedal depress when it engages so I know it is the friction brake. Do you hybrid owners NOT get than when the parking brake engages?

I know older transmissions had a parking pawl for the "park" position -- a friend had a transmission messed up when tapped hard while in park (that's why they tell you to set the parking brake, too.)

But yes, if the control systems are deranged -- evidenced by the flashing park light described - then all bets on staying engaged are off. However, on a gas Pacifica, I don't think it can be shifted out of park no matter what the electrical hijinks are.
I'm pretty sure the gas model has a park lock built into the transmission as well. The parking brake might automatically be engaged as part of putting it in park but they should mechanically be 2 separate systems. There's even an emergency release cord under the steering wheel that puts it into neutral that, as far as I know, has nothing to do with the brakes. I'm sure someone else more knowledgeable than I can correct me.
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