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Battery life for long term owners

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I'm sure there are a lot of owners here who have owned their vans for relatively long term (1+ year). How's your battery holding up? Is there a battery life indicator for PacHy? Is it still at 100%? Did any of you have to get a replacement due to significant battery capacity reduction?
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Google 'Chrysler Portal'. The Pacifica-based crossover has been delayed due to continued, solid sales of the Grand Caravan and Journey (which is what a crossover would replace). They're old and outdated, but continue to sell well because they're a good value for what you get. For a growing family on a tight budget, they're a lot of new vehicle for not much money.

It's unlikely that a brand-new crossover would be anywhere near the same value.

I don’t see a problem with continued production of the journey and GC along with the new car. If they don’t introduce the portal soon, it’ll lose its charm, and other manufacturers will introduce similar vehicles and FCA will be considered a dumpster worthy brand. I’m not saying it’s far from that anyway.

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