I recently purchased a 2020 Pacifica and the wife wanted a "Bling Ring For The Push Start Button". I looked everywhere and the only one I found was 1.25 inside diameter (UNIVERSAL- apparently not). It doesn't work because it covers the "RUN" "ACC" and "ON" lights, so I made one for her, not realizing that this is a "thing" with the ladies, so if you are interested, Let me know and I will make you one. Cost is $12 for one row (see picture) and $25 for 2 rows of gems (not shown). FREE SHIPPING within 48 states - No (Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico)

Ring Material: PLA plastic (not metal)
Adhesive: 3M (very thin, but sticky)
Fits 2017-2022 Pacificas & possibly other cars.

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