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I don't have a Pacifica Hybrid, but I do have a Cadillac ELR and didn't realize the DC Fast Charging can't be used on some plug-ins as I have never tried to use one. I always use Level 2 Charging stations at work and home.

I assumed the charging ports on all plug-in vehicles are identical - but apparently they are not - I learned something about extended range plug-in vehicles today, thanks.

From the Blink Website:
Types of EV Charging:

There are various types of EV charging available. Blink EV charging stations provide Level 2 EV Charging and DC Fast Charging.

Level 2 EV Charging (typically 240V, single phase AC input) is the most common type of charging your electric car available in the United States. Level 2 EV charging is used for charging electric vehicles at home (single-family homes, condominiums, apartment buildings, etc.) or public locations (shopping centers, hotels, airports, parking garages, etc). Depending on the electric vehicle's charge rate and the state of its battery, a Level 2 EV charger can deliver somewhere between 10 - 25 miles per hour of charging. Currently, all electric cars sold in the United States can charge using Level 2 EV charging stations. Blink offers Level 2 EV charging stations for both your home and business.

DC Fast Charging (DCFC) (typically 480V, 3-Phase AC input) is used for charging electric vehicles in commercial locations, as it requires more electrical infrastructure. Therefore, DCFC stations are currently not as widespread as Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations. While DCFC stations can charge an EV more rapidly than Level 2 charging stations (for example, a Nissan Leaf can charge on a DCFC station from 0% to 85% in about 30 minutes), they are not typically compatible with all electric cars. There are two types of connectors that currently support DCFC: the CHAdeMO and the SAE Combo. DC Fast Charging connectors vary by station and EV. Blink DCFC charging stations currently offer the CHAdeMO conector, but there are plans to incorporate other standards, such as the SAE combo and Tesla’s proprietary connector, in the future.
How to Use the Blink EV Charging Stations:

Charging your EV for the first time? Our Quick Start Guides provide you with the simple instructions on how to use our public Blink EV charging stations.

Picture from a Nissan Leaf that has both types of connectors:
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