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Bought new '18 Pacifica hybrid in Dec 2018

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Initial comments--

1. Had a prius before so the plugin is new. Around town and occasionally on the road I get 55 mpg; purely on long trip about 35. Electric motor doesn't help too much on long trip past the initial 28-30 miles that are all electric.
2. Bought at end of model year and got $5,250 off list for a limited with factory panaramic sunroof. Was listed for about $48,500, with $7500 tax and two incentives in California will net around $34,000.
3. Lost my phone for hours when it slid back off console, landed in 2nd row console mug holder, then slid forward under console. May not happen to you but...
4. Question #1--I pull the cord but can't figure out how to remove second row seats, which don't fold under in a hybrid; anybody got a suggestion?
5. Question #2--Chrysler says no to towing but see some put a hitch on; lots of power to engine. Besides risk with warranty, anybody know why towing a light trailer would be dangerous?
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