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Brand new hybrid - completely died

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So last Tuesday I bought a 2018 Hybrid Limited. Drive great. Until today. This morning when I left the house, the check engine light was on. Called the dealership. They said it was “probably just moisture in the line” and that they could see me next Thursday (a week later). Went to work. Came out of work about 6 hours later, car won’t start. Doesn’t deter key fob. Brake pushes back against my foot when trying to start car. Finally get car to start then it has warning on screen “service charging system.” Then all kinds of crazy stuff starts happening- wipers going on their own, lights flashing, doors won’t open, etc.
Called the dealership (my salesperson). He brought me a loaner car and had to tow my brand new $48,000 car to the dealership.
Question- anyone else had this issue? I just don’t know how I’ll feel safe ever driving this vehicle ?


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Yes, sounds like bad 12v battery.
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