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I've been browsing for awhile and reading all I could about the Pacifica when I first saw it and wanted one! My 2010 Caravan only had 53000 kms (yes I'm in Canada), on it since I bought it in 2011. So still had lots of life left and it treated me well. But oooh, the sleek look of the Pacifica, the newness, automatic doors, Bluetooth, hands free etc etc.......
Dragged hubs to the dealership just to take a peek at why I was so excited about this van. And surprisingly we signed the papers the same day! Hubby says "happy wife, happy life" :)
I am loving it soo much! Kids are too. My teenager thinks she will get to drive it when she has her license although she swore she would never drive my minivan. hahaha

Its only been a few days but I love that it rides so smooth and almost like a car. Got the front windows tinted too and hopefully soon I can roll the windows down and feel the breeze.
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