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Build date and build sequence

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Is there a way to tell what date and what build sequence or your Pacifica? In some of the older cars I've had that information is usually in the VIN but, I'm not sure how to decode it? Also, is there a broadcast sheet for the car that shows all the options that were put on the car as it goes down the assembly line?

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...I asked her what the letter code/status is for my van, and she wouldn't tell me. They said they cannot tell me "for security reasons." What???

She just reiterated that it is at the stage prior to being released by the plant.

Wierd. I told her other people were told the letter code/status on their orders, and asked why I couldn't get mine. Security reasons, she repeated.

Anyone else not given info due to "security reasons?"
It could be she was told not to give customer information over the phone without being able to verify who is actually calling? I'd expect a bit of privacy myself. That request in person may have worked, no problem.

Recently I gave a print out of the options and warranty service history to a guy who, possibly, found how just how fast a Ram 3500 can go with the rev-limit. I can't remember but it was around 175 km/h. Maybe a bit more. But to figure that out before 5000km is on the odom? My 2003 Neon cut out at 120 mph. I needed a REALLY LONG HILL to learn that. I was so stupid. But now I wonder about the 9 speed auto.... going to get in trouble :D Rev limit, speed limit, or engine cut-out? I don't know what would happen.

Anyways, about the print out. He used it later in arguments with FCA showing just how much he had visited and what a piece of turd it is and they need to buy it back. He is approved for a Employee Price regardless of what or when he buys next. The truck has been working pretty good for him since he got that promise.

But he loves it still. I know he doesn't want to say it out loud but I told him this truck might not fit his needs. Single driver with empty loads, works long distance from home. The HD transmission that is rough but strong. So it's a fuel thirsty, hard riding, pricy payment headache for him currently. I did my due diligence. His place of employment is across the street from my house. EMS.

He is vigilant to all vibrations and noises, so has visited more than he has needed to.

The Service Manager did the same thing handing out those sheets too, not thinking too much about it. Then he got a call from FCA.... They clamped down on us for that 'private' information. He was nice to me but we had to have a change in our policy regarding the history of warranty and the factory option list.

So if it warrants having the printout in hand, cut off the top of the paper. Remove the dealer name. We were 'caught', I suppose. Private information. CHRYSLERS private information... Dealer has no real reason to care, unless they are caught in a lie about options or delivery information. When there is a delay with the status even the dealership gets canned responses from FCA.

I delivered a Challenger SRT8. All fancy in sleeper orange with no stripes. Was at the 'repair location'. "Oh, you know. It might need a new battery. Or something wrong with the paint." The back end looked funny. Then later it was in for a short on the heated steering wheel. Once disassembled it looked like the airbag went off, then was repacked. A wire folded out of a little channel made for it. Pinched so no heated wheel. With the back end funny, and an airbag used.... I think it got rear-ended on the train or some ramp. Then they would never admit that it happened. "Maybe the battery was bad..." Oh yea! Makes sense that it was there for weeks!
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