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Can Advanced Safey Group be added after buying?

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I would like to buy a used Pacifica Limited, but the ones I have found did not have the Advanced Safety group option, which I really want. Does anybody know if it can be taken to the dealership and get it installed there?

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Thank you to everybody. It makes sense. I will consider a new Pacifica Touring L asking for the pack from the factory. Alternatively, I will consider Honda Odyssey which offers the same package standard for EX (second least expensive trim) and up. Or perhaps the Sienna 2018, standard in all trims.
I chose a honda odyssey ex-l in 2017 because the pacificas were brand new and dealers were adding ridiculous prices to the msrp. Now I can not wait to sell my Hond and get a Pacifica with the advanced safety package, sunroof and stow and go. Very tired of lifting very heavy seats and leaving them in my garage if I need extra space at anytime, let alone always having to plan in advance. Furthermore Honda has the basic Safety features, but nothing like the advanced safety package. Just thought I'd give you a different perspective.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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