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Can someone tell me the difference in a 2021 Touring L, Touring L Plus and a Limited?

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I am in the market for a 2021 Pacifica and I want a Limited but there is nothing near me that I am satisfied with. I am thinking of degrading but I want to know everything I would be losing if I did.
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I cannot tell you the difference in those model levels you seek info on... but I will caution you on a somewhat unrelated issue with the Pacifica. Not that a working phone or navigation/maps thru your phone is a MUST in your decision... but I would simply suggest, when you go for your test drives, whatever model you land on, BEFORE you buy, bring your own cell phone(s) you expect to use in the van. I am not an Apple guy... and to say I am (as well as countless others) are having a most difficult time getting a clear, acceptable answer as to why my Android phone will not trigger Android Auto to project the phone screen onto the UConnect screen as it is advertised it should, and the inability to use the full functionality of the talking/phone functions. I do not have unlimited funds to go purchasing the newest phone(s) or iPhone trap every year, when the Chrysler advertising states otherwise... Just bring your own phone, test it in a demo of the year & model you plan on purchasing - run it thru maps/navigation, try to MAKE a phone call via the steering wheel buttons. I didn't. I was told it would all work just fine. It is NOT, I cannot get a clear, acceptable answer or reason as to why... I would like to see you or others NOT go thru this same situation.
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That's on your phone. Welcome to the Android world.

Regardless, it's not on Chrysler. Their system works to specification for Android phones. If your phone doesn't follow the specification, nobody can do anything about it.

This is why people do iPhone--they avoid the wild, wild west of anything goes for an Android phone, from the $60 ones to the $1500 ones. People expect the $60 ones to do everything, then are disappointed when they don't do a crucial function they'd like to do.
Appreciate your response, Adam, but what I find unacceptable is for those of us non-techie's that don't know or understand what you do about this stuff is, we go by the advertising materials, the websites with footnotes, and the 125 page booklet in the van... that says, I need an Android phone, running Android OS 5.0 or above. The fact this worked in a 2020 Pac, and doesn't in a 2021... Complicate it even more, on a different Chrysler/UConnect site, there is only 1, ONE 'approved' or compatible LG phone with my carrier, one. And that phone appears to be no longer available. Not even iPhone is listed as compatible for this carrier... yet the few I tested work.

I'd play and abide by the rules, if the rules were clear, and transparent BEFORE purchase.
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