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Charging hybrid with a solar PV invverter with a 120 output plug

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Hi Folks
I am planning on getting a solar PV system and outfitting it with an inverter that has a port to plug into for 120 out. Thinking that This would allow me to charge in the middle of the day when I am making electricity. So what doeI want to be sure s this 120 out need to be capable of handling. I want to be sure that this system will do what I want it to do. I do not propose a storage wall (of batteries) or such just a way to directly charge my Pacifica without the issues of net metering and such. This would be a straight drop from the PV system. Any comments or information would be helpful.
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Clarifying my intensions

The plan was not to be off grid like the responder assumes but to have a fully functing solar OV set up
I plan to have an inverter with an output port for occasions that
might require a 120 feed when I have no connection to the grid (ie power outages) and then I thought that if I have this set up would it be sufficient to charge the Pacifica. That is the crux of the question
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