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Charging hybrid with a solar PV invverter with a 120 output plug

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Hi Folks
I am planning on getting a solar PV system and outfitting it with an inverter that has a port to plug into for 120 out. Thinking that This would allow me to charge in the middle of the day when I am making electricity. So what doeI want to be sure s this 120 out need to be capable of handling. I want to be sure that this system will do what I want it to do. I do not propose a storage wall (of batteries) or such just a way to directly charge my Pacifica without the issues of net metering and such. This would be a straight drop from the PV system. Any comments or information would be helpful.
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The plan was not to be off grid like the responder assumes but to have a fully functing solar OV set up
I plan to have an inverter with an output port for occasions that
might require a 120 feed when I have no connection to the grid (ie power outages) and then I thought that if I have this set up would it be sufficient to charge the Pacifica. That is the crux of the question
What inverter are you looking at?
SMA with secure power supply is quite possibly what you're looking at - and there's no benefit to using that outlet to charge your car as opposed to any other outlet in your house.
(With the exception of if there's an actual outage it could maybe charge the car)

If you have (or will have) net metering (most people in US do.)
then you are probably better off doing a 220V charger because it'll likely more efficient.
(At worst it's same efficiency - in which case you're just as well off using 220V as a 110V outlet.)

If you do a time-of-use rate charging at night (off-peak) could be significantly better than charging while the sun is shining.
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