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Check engine light (possibly U1124 code) after W46 recall work done?

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Got our vehicle in yesterday for the W46 recall work and this morning the check engine light came on while my SO was driving back home.

Based upon the device I have, it appears to be throwing a U1124 code. Haven't driven it myself yet, but she didn't say it was being sluggish or anything to that effect.

Due to our other vehicle needing to go in Thursday I can't get in until Friday, so curious if:

a) anyone has an idea whether we can still drive about? With current affairs we're < 20 miles a day (There's a reason the other car is going into the shop on Thursday.)
b) anyone else run into a check engine light after having W46 done?


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Regarding the U1124 code there is a bulletin that applies to vehicles built before 10/30/2017. Some 2018s were built before that date so it may apply to you. You can check the manufacture date on the sticker on the edge of the driver's door. Here is a link to the bulletin: RRT 18-026.pdf

The bulletin involves the battery coolant heater connector having poor contact. It is possible that it may have gotten bumped when they were checking the bottom side of the 12 volt isolator post during the W46 recall inspection.

And yes, it should be safe to drive, especially during the summer when the battery heater will not be needed.
12/2017 is listed as the date, so, maybe?

Thanks! Makes me feel more comfortable with using it for short, necessary, trips between now and Friday morning. :)
Went in this morning (light wasn't on when I turned it on to drive it in, but was on last night when our son got picked up) and after about 30 minutes they gave me a loaner (or rental, tbd if I'm getting charged - our backup car (Saab) is still in the shop from yesterday's tire replacement/winterization).

Do need to replace something related to the coolant, have the part in stock, not related to the recall, just a coincidence.

We'll see what the final report is this afternoon when I pick it up.

(Tangentially, got a Jeep Cherokee, Granite. SO says she thought a cop car (unmarked) had pulled into the drive at first. Every time I drive something else I realize again how much I enjoy driving the Pacifica. :) )
U1124-00. Lost communication with LIN ECU 4. Battery has an internal failure. Removed and replaced the battery heater. No faults.

All covered by warranty.

Thanks again AZBean.
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