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Chicago PacHybrid Owner

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Hey, Everyone. We bought our Pacifical Limited in late August and have been putting it through the paces. So far we love it. Im a huge fan of the feel of the electric drivetrain.

Having now driven it from hot summer temps into the winter i'm learning the downsides of cold climate on battery efficiency. We've learned to adjust a bit to make the most of the lower mileage. I now bring my 120v charger to work with me to trickle charge while i'm working.

I recently installed a L2 charger in the garage which is a fantastic upgrade that allows for really fast top-offs and fast overnight full charges. But with gas being so cheap right now the payback time isn't really practical. I'm crunching some numbers to get a sense of the charge cost vs. gas cost. I'm curious who else has figured that out to see if i'm close.
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