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Chrysler has been building and servicing Pacifica Hybrids for, what, five or six years? Their knowledge base has certainly improved, but, yes, they still have much room for improvement.

That said, I'd love to own a Pachy if only it had available Sto 'n Go and the Towing Package.

After reading the first post of this thread, i had a real issue with the OP's title. I expected to read about a Pachy fire in the garage, for instance, but no. The real beef is with the warranty and, in particular, the car rental reimbursement part of the warranty. So don't buy a Pachy because you will have a fight on your hands getting the car rental benefit of the warranty.

Perhaps the title should say something like, "Touble getting rental car reimbursement from dealer." After all, the OP admits, "I am okay with cars needing repairs..."

The OP's issue could be in regards to any Pacifica, so in this case it isn't fair to single out the Pacifica Hybrid model. Just my opinion.
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