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Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Minivan - DO NOT BUY

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Frustrated enough after 4 years of ownership to write this post. Keeping it to just the facts. Hope this helps future potential Chrysler customers with their decision making.

1. Purchased 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Minivan with MOPAR 7 yr/100K warranty

2. First major issue (hybrid battery replacement) in 2019. Car in shop for 6 weeks

3. Spoke with Chrysler case manager who approved reimburse rental at $35/day for duration of fix. When I submitted receipts, I was stuck with one week of expenses because there is no record of this agreement

4. Second major issue (PIM replacement) in 2022. Car in shop for 8 weeks

5. Learned my lesson from 2019. Called repeatedly to confirm Chrysler will reimburse rental for entire duration. Confirmed over phone that this was documented in their system. Followed up with email. Got confirmation via email (see screenshot) that there is nothing to worry about

6. When I submitted receipts, I was stuck with 4 weeks of expenses. Called in and was told that there is no record, again. Except there is this time, I replied. After some research, I was then told that the case managers who I spoke to were mistaken, and they apologize for the mistake, but they are not giving me any additional reimbursement

I am okay with cars needing repairs. I am NOT OKAY with Chrysler's inept/deceptive (not sure which it is, you pick) practices when a major repair leaves customers without their main method of transportation.

For those who may be curious ... MOPAR warranty's rental clause covers only 5 days of rental reimbursements at $35/day. Any additional rental expenses need to be negotiated with Chrysler. Both of my repairs were considered manufacturer's defects so that's why they covered a percentage of the rental days. I could only imagine how a scenario would play out if a repair is covered by MOPAR only...

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I think the rental premise is based on if it has stay stay longer than the first overbite then it is covered for a period of up to 5 days and also has a cap of monetary value as well . All loaners , and not by the dealership , have a cap for duration and daily rate . And for reference never believe what somebody tells you always get confirmation through emails pertaining to the product , this way you have a paper trail that can’t be disputed .
Thank you for reading and I agree with you, PacDave. A majority of buyers will never experience any major problems with their vehicle purchase regardless of manufacturer. I even recommended the Pacifica Hybrid to my neighbor who made the purchase.

As noted, I don't have an issue with cars needing repairs. I do have an issue when a car company chooses not to honor words of their customer service representatives, even when provided in writing.
So if the car manufacturer told you they would honour their rental agreement , which they could have and the interpretation was very loosely worded , you would still be out coverage for your claim ? . Something isn’t right here , your warranty clearly states the rental terms and conditions , did you at least get the terms per your contract ? . If you were looking for over and beyond that , the dealer relationship I keep talking about clearly helps here , then that’s where this whole post falls short . Your expectation of coverage , due to repairs and warranty language , is clearly not aligned with the obligations from your service contract . Have you contacted fca , through a lawyer and registers letter with your contract, service invoice and out of pocket expenses for the rental ? . I get posting on a forum and the frustration level , but there are ways and means to go about obtaining remedies , if and so your owed them .
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