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So many of these issues could be solved IF THER WAS LESS TO NO BACKUP LINE FOR NEEDED PARTS!
I hear a customer needing a benign part for a recent model year and they are told it is on back-order and the request is 45th in line to get that part shipped.
That 'rental nightmare' is caused WAY up the line from the dealer. If the part was available in less than four days you would have been paid in full and on the road. But the lack of parts ends up smashing the customers toes at the Parts desk and over-stretching Chrysler/FCA/Stellantis fiscal calculations for warranty losses.
The parts depot has a seven hour drive and we would LOVE to get a van to get a load of back-orders. But they don't have anything shipped up from the USA to send out to dealers so this whole situation is international.
The lack of parts has been a constant issue for decades. The issue was magnified by the 2016 tariff blitz. Canada had a surplus of stamped Sport Hoods and there were special edition this and that. They were expensive to sell over the boarder so they just offered the Canadian dealers exclusive hoods in volume. It became very expensive for the minivans and I think they could have been selling at a loss. That seems to be when the downturn in minivan sales started and the advertisement cash went to vehicles that had a better percentage of 'Built In America'. So your Pacifica parts availability may even be restricted by the value of currency. Who knows?
That may be a under-educated guess but this is just a discussion forum. So many issues are due to waiting for parts. There are also shelves of parts waiting for the customer to come back in to fix what couldn't be fixed when it was diagnosed. I guess that rattle went away or just fell off.
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