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Chrysler Pacifica is highest priced & has higher depreciation versus minivan competitors

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I don't buy a brand new vehicle believing it's a good investment (no one should). They all lose $5-$10,000 in value as soon as you drive off a new car dealers lot. My one gripe with buying a new Chrysler Pacifica is the astronomical depreciation it has versus the competition. Don't get me wrong I love my new 2022 Pacifica & would buy it again. But it really is a wake up call to realize that in only one month after purchase (with only 244 total miles) it's value has dropped $20,000 from its selling price! That's by far the highest depreciation of any new vehicle I've ever purchased in 46 years and a real eye opener for sure. Luckily for me I keep my new vehicles for over 10 years on average but if I had one complaint about the Chrysler Pacifica it has the highest depreciation rate by far of all the minivan competition.
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I wonder if this is a regional thing. Here in the Twin Cities where minivans are very, very, very popular, prices are still up there.
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I feel sorry for anyone that bought a Tesla 2 months ago.
Yeah, my son bought a Tesla Model Y in December after they announced the $3,750 price cut, but before the $7,500 discount. The even larger discount announced a week or so ago does not apply because the options he ordered put his vehicle beyond the allowable range. At least he got something, but I really don't think he cared about it like I would.
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