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Chrysler Pacifica is highest priced & has higher depreciation versus minivan competitors

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I don't buy a brand new vehicle believing it's a good investment (no one should). They all lose $5-$10,000 in value as soon as you drive off a new car dealers lot. My one gripe with buying a new Chrysler Pacifica is the astronomical depreciation it has versus the competition. Don't get me wrong I love my new 2022 Pacifica & would buy it again. But it really is a wake up call to realize that in only one month after purchase (with only 244 total miles) it's value has dropped $20,000 from its selling price! That's by far the highest depreciation of any new vehicle I've ever purchased in 46 years and a real eye opener for sure. Luckily for me I keep my new vehicles for over 10 years on average but if I had one complaint about the Chrysler Pacifica it has the highest depreciation rate by far of all the minivan competition.
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They all lose $5-$10,000 in value as soon as you drive off a new car dealers lot.
That is not true. My 2021 Pinnacle MSRP 52,720.00, 47,960.00 OTD a unicorn fully loaded with everything that 2022+ are missing (third glass, power fold mirrors, etc.), I will have had two years this coming May,

2021 Pinnacle with 16 miles at delivery. | 2017+ Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Forums (pacificaforums.com)

I just ran the VIN in Kelly Blue Book and this is what it is valued as of today 01/20/2023.
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I am still way ahead with the 7,500 tax credit and all the fuel I have saved the past two years.

Sold my previous 2018 for more than what I bought it for new.
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I had a 20 PacHy Limited that I sold to buy my 21. Considering that I got the $7500 tax credit, I didn’t lose anything.
I did the same thing. View the link in my previous post and see what I did.
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Back in the good ol' days, you'd have 8-10k off the MSRP price PLUS the $7500 tax credit. You can't get a cheaper van than that. My 2021 Pinnacle, which was under $44k OTD plus the $7500 tax credit, is still worth around $48-$49k. It has more options than a 2022 and is not easy to find these days.
Yeah, I missed out on that. Had I done it a few months earlier I could have scored with discounts like stopeject and you did. With the increase in used values when I upgraded it wasn't too much of a difference I missed out on.
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Also a pretty bad time to check used car values as they have been declining over the past several months and returning to normal.
Haven't seen anything like that. Everything I have seen is sky-high compared to three years ago.
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it's really nice it looks more SUV than van so it's a little less soccer Momish.lol..
:ROFLMAO: Soccer moms stopped driving minivans like 15 years ago and switched to SUVs. I don't know of any soccer mom that would be caught dead in a minivan because it would make their Karin image look bad.

All the "soccer moms" I see today are driving Tellurides, Explorers, Expeditions, or Tahoes. They can't afford Excursions, Suburbans, or Grand Wagoneers.
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