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Code U1124 Bulletin Number 08-034-18 Battery heater repair out of warranty

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I was wondering if anyone knew if this repair will fall under the High Voltage battery warranty? I've called two separate dealers. One just kept telling me I'd have to bring it in and pay the $150 diagnostic fee to "find out if the warranty will cover it" and the other basically said the same thing just much nicer and a lot less lazy.(they actually called a tech and asked but the tech basically told them to tell me the same thing). I have the max care coverage but one seemed to indicate whether it was covered or not I'd have to pay the diagnosis fee. The other said it would be reimbursed. So was wondering if anyone has had any experience on this? Just trying to figure out if I'm going to be out $250, $100, or $0.

Was also wanted to get the 4 RRTs that are out for the 2018's two which should be covered under the engine/hybrid battery warranty. Neither would tell me if they'd do it under warranty or not on that either. One said $35 an RRT and the other said "you'll find out when we scan your van" which is fairly frustrating cause I'm sure that also includes another $150 diagnostic fee for them.

I should also state that on the RRTs the first one claimed nothing but the 36-month bumper to bumper covered it. Even the max care warranty doesn't cover it.

Thanks for the replies.
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How many months and how many miles are on your van?
Believe at this time it is 43 months and 14,640 miles.
Wow, you don't drive it much. The warranty booklet is not very clear on what parts of the battery that's covered or not. You'll have to get it diagnosed to see if it's covered under the battery warranty or not. My guess is since the battery needs the heater to operate correctly, it will be covered under warranty. It would suck if it's not covered.
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