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One thing I think I notice is that leather seats seem to have less give to them. Whether that is true or not, I do think the current craze (actually been going on for quite a few yrs now) toward firmer and firmer seats bugs me. Some months back I rode in the back seat of a Dart, and it was like sitting on an upholstered concrete bench. I really don't find the Pacifica seats to be soft enough to suit me. Some of the engineers need to take a ride in our old '92 Caravan to see what a comfortable seat feels like. Maybe the enthusiast magazines' raving about how supportive these hard seats are is related to the general weight gain of the populace. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of padding on my backside.
New seats in cars are overwhelmingly wide and firm. Sadly, it's a statement on the increasing weight and width of society and isn't specific to chrysler. When you're a normal weight, you're in the minority now and things like seat design don't cater to you.

I love my van, and I'd buy it again in a heartbeat, but the seat is the most uncomfortable drivers seat of any car i've ever sat in. It's hard, it hurts, and it's so wide that i rock and slide back and forth in the seat because the side bolsters don't come anywhere close to even touching me.

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To get the original topic relevance out of the way, I spent about 7 years in the current GC platform, between an 09 and a 15. It is, really, no comparison, but that's all been vetted out here already. Yes it's cheaper, yes it's a stable platform, but they are galaxies apart.

As for the seats, I am one of those who laments the current firm seating trend too. The Pac is comfortable to be sure, but I would definitely go softer if I could. Fortunately it is the wife's main driver; mine is a 22 year old conversion van that is like driving around in a big squooshy recliner so I get my comfort fix.
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