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Customer Satisfaction Notification Z76 - Electric Vehicle Mode Unavailable - P0E15 Error Code

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Hello to our Chrysler Brand enthusiasts--

We've been monitoring your concerns and wanted to inform you of a recent Customer Satisfaction Notification [CSN] Z76 that was released in regard to the Electric Vehicle Mode being unavailable on select 2021 Chrysler Pacifica PHEVs.

The Hybrid Control Processor (HCP) may erroneously set DTC P0E15 (Hybrid-EV Battery Pack Coolant Heater A Control Performance). When this DTC is set, the Plug-In Hybrid portion of the powertrain will be inoperative.

If you believe this CSN applies to you and you would like additional assistance alongside your dealer visit, please don't hesitate to send our team a private message. We'd be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you might have.

Thank you!

Chrysler Cares
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I will tell you CHRYSLER DOESN’T CARE and will continue to give you the runaround. I had a 2021 Pacifica Hybrid that was an electrical nightmare that Chrysler Cares didn’t care about me, my vehicle, or my dealership, who were absolutely great, but Chrysler was worthless. I got rid of the Pacifica and I’m the proud owner of a new Subaru Ascent! Subaru Cares!
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