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Cylinder #2 Mis-fire bulletin

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Whelp! I was looking forward to a road trip with my sons, all camping equipment is packed for 3 weeks in National Parks.

Our FIRST night from home, the Malfunction Indicator Light started blinking & dinging, the car began vibrating/rough when I would push the gas pedal, and overall power seemed to be lessening. As soon as I could I got off the highway and stopped. My car idled way too hard. We stopped at a hotel. That was Friday night. Saturday I slowly drove .5 miles to a Pep Boys to have it looked at. They said that cylinder #2 is mis-firing and suggested that I take it to the dealer because there is a bulletin about this known issue with Pacifica & it might be more than just the coil that needs service.

We are missing our reservations in Yellowstone National Park. I’m heartbroken. And I’m not sure if this vacation is going to happen at all now.

Anyone know what the Chrysler bulletin says or how long I might be stuck here? Should I drive a rental home? (Driving a rental on vacation - it would have to be comparable in size - would be $2,500+.) Will a dealer prioritize my car at all since I’m not at home? I’m feeling very stuck & sad. Thanks for any input you have.

btw, my Pacifica has ~77,000 miles.
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I just drove from Florida to Oregon, we rented a 2019 Grand Caravan for 511.00 from enterprise car rental, we had it for 8 days, insurance included!
We bought a 2020 Pacifica Touring L+ in Oregon and drove it back to Florida.
I was really worried about the hot engine temperatures, but they go away at 70 mph and I monitored it all the way there.
I would rent a mini van and keep the vacation going, then drop off the van when you're done and pick yours up at the dealers.....
I wish you well.><>
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