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Cylinder 6 Misfire Problems

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We have purchased a 2021Pacifica Hybrid Limited. It is now 22 days old and we don't have it. In fact, we have only had it for 7 days. The rest has been at a dealers.We had it 4 days when we finally went far enough to start utilizing the gas engine. The Malfunction Indicator Light came on about 15-20 miles later. We took it to the nearest dealer. We were told they could not find any problems. We had a cylinder 6 misfire message. They reset it and sent us on our way. Again, several days went by (on electric). We finally took a trip more than the 30 miles and again they MIL light cam on. As we were near home, we went there. When we got there, the car "sort of" turned off but would then turn itself back on. The door locks would not work. Although the car indicated it was "on" it would not start. No matter which key fob was in our possession, we would always get a message saying the key fob had left the vehicle. We called our dealership and explained the story and asked for a tow to their location as the car would not start. They said to call Chrysler Emergency Services (another horror story). This didn't work out. So, I called the dealer again and explained. In the mean time, my wife tried again and got the vehicle started. I told the dealer and said we were on our way. Fast forward 14 days (yes, 2 weeks) - "Well, we don't know." Then, "Chrysler engineers think it is one of the two wiring harnesses but don't know which one." After several days of indecision, "They decided it was the computer." Now, fingers crossed, we are waiting on the computer.

Misery loves company. Anyone else out there with similar problems ???
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Did they try the simple things like Plugs and Coils?
Or plug and coil for cylinder 6.
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