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Dealer is replacing our uConnect system

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The wife has had a lot of issues with her uConnect 5 system in her in 21 Limited, some of which I created threads here about. It has been in and out of the local dealer for these issues pretty much since we bought it new in 10/21. It was in for over 3 weeks at one point, working a "star" case on it. They never really fixed anything, but would get it working long enough to say "we can't repeat the problem".

Lately it has been giving a message about being unable to connect to uConnect services, and then goes black. Again though, intermittent. But after being in twice in one week from that error, they are finally fed up with it enough to order a new system. Sure hoping this fixes it. She is very frustrated with the uConnect system. She really likes the minivan, a lot. But these problems are for sure getting to her.

I have a 22 Ram 2500 with a uConnect 5 system in it. It's mostly been solid. But I read about a ton of uConnect 5 issues on the Ram forums too. Stellantis really needs to figure this out. Should not be that hard to get a near 100% reliable entertainment system installed.
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Yes, it's a warranty repair. Sorry to hear you had to pay for a new system out of your own pocket.
Ram uconnect software is slightly different than the pacificas as you can tell when using both .
Yep, thanks. I hope I didn't give the impression they are the same. Similar, but different. I like all the real estate with the 12" screen in my truck, but I like some of the screen customizations more in the Pacifica. Both are good, when they're working correctly. ;)
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