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Hey all, not sure if this has been covered, but if it has, please feel free to direct me to the proper thread!

I'm wondering if Chrysler currently has a public diagnostic tool that we could plug into the OBDII port to obtain a list of codes/errors that we could look up online. I used to have such a device for my old Audi A4 (VAG-COM), and it would allow me to recode, check codes and clear codes. This was all done at my risk, however, but it was a great tool to determine an error code and find the fix online.

I had the Torque app on my old Saab 9-3 and it allowed me to read the codes, but didn't allow me to clear them. Anybody else tried this?

Technology appears to have come quite a ways since I've last done this, but wondering if something like this would work with our vehicle:


not sure what CANBUS system we have or if it would interfere...

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From what I learned, all aftermarket tools are very limited in their capabilities. Chrysler sells the official diagnostic and programming OBD dongle, but it is priced out of reach even for the most independent shops, let alone the amateurs. It also requires TechAuthority subscription fro programming. Fiat-Chrysler-Scan-Tool - Scan Tool Resource
China sells "genuine" tools, it seems that they are older versions and may not work with Pacifica. US$229.00 - Chrysler Diagnostic Tool V17.03.01 wiTech MicroPod 2 With 160G HardDisk
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