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Does anybody know a Journalist, who could do a story on status of Hybrids?

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Since we are all in the dark on the real status of the Hybrids and CRSs or dealers proving to have no answers for us either, I was wondering if somebody has a contact with some main stream auto journalist, who could reach out to Chrysler to get an official answer on the status (and reason for the delay) on the delivery?
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Actually, I have done work for all of the big car magazines in the US and know lots of journalists, but honestly, this is not something I would ask of them right now. As noted it's not really a story of public interest (especially for enthusiast publications) and it's not "that" delayed yet or unusual for such delays to happen. :eek:
To add, I know they did the short lead media drive event in LA for the hybrid, so that means they have it pretty sorted out and it must be close as they wouldn't want journalists to be driving examples with issues so close to the cars hitting the street
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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