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Does the DVD Player in the Dash Play Regular Audio CD's

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I know there is no dedicated CD player, but I was wondering if the DVD/Blu-ray player will play regular audio cd's?
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Yes! I forget the exact procedure but generally proceed as follows...Insert the CD and start it just like it was a DVD to play on a back monitor and then press another button on the front Uconnect screen as if you wanted to "listen in" on what is playing back there. Works pretty well.
I was listening to an old Crystal Gayle CD from the 70's yesterday. Getting a CD started seems a little odd at first because you select a rear screen to play to and you won't actually hear anything from the speakers until you press a highlighted "Listen" button on your front screen but then Uconnect understands what you are trying to do and you will have sound and full controls from up front to advance/pause/... a track, etc.. Uconnect also seems to remember that this is a CD you are listening to because (if memory serves) you can stop and restart the car and the steps you go through to play again are abbreviated from the first time and I think it might remember the CD even if you eject and put it back in later.
1-Insert CD, wait a few seconds for disk to read.

2-Press Media

3-Press UConnect Theater


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4-Press Power


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5-Press here to enter


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6-Notice track 1 is playing but you can't hear anything

7-Press Listen In



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Agreed! To me, USB trumps CDs for music but my smartphone trumps them both. Between phone and XM radio I am totally set for music, news, comedy. When I head out on a long trips though I like to swing by the library and grab a couple free books on CD to listen to.

I suspect there's a far more direct way to play CDs and I just haven't figured it out yet. I showed what I've been doing here with the hope that someone will show me with a far better way. I think I should be able to just shove it in and press NO buttons (especially if the back monitors aren't being used). What else could Uconnect possibly think I want to do when I shove in a CD, right?
Can anyone confirm that there is no way to play a CD if I don't get that very expensive Uconnect theater option?
The Pacifica radio has an AUX-In jack so you could play CDs from one of those Walmart $20 portable CD players. Not very elegant but should work fine.
Just bought a 2017 Limited a month ago.
Be careful if you store your CD/DVDs in the long drawer of your Super Console. If you stack too high the top CD case can easily fall into a difficult place inside the console. I removed my entire Super Console to turn it upside down in order to retrieve my CD but others on this forum have since found simpler/better ways to get it.
We resisted but eventually moved all our CDs and other music to a USB thumbdrive which we now prefer.
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