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Does the DVD Player in the Dash Play Regular Audio CD's

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I know there is no dedicated CD player, but I was wondering if the DVD/Blu-ray player will play regular audio cd's?
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Just bought a 2017 Limited a month ago. Your procedure is priceless, thanx
Thanx again BrettP. I will eventually put my CDs on a thumb drive.
Still trying to figure out all the things this car is capable of. Read the manual many times and the DVD that came along with it.
Wish I could negate the ESS permanently, not used to the engine shutting off every time you stop. But for now I simply press the ESS button.
Also, wish the screen shut-off would display an analog clock like the old Town & Country had on the dash....that would be sweet!
Other than that this is truly a great car! I have pretty much everything on it. I'm missing Key-Sense, 20 speakers (I have 13) and remote gate opener (very rare).
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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