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DVD Player Sound Issue

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Our overhead DVD player worked fine for about 1 week. Then the sound cut out all the voices in the movie to a very low volume and the background music, and sounds are at correct level. In order to hear the voices I have to crank to maximum volume, which makes the background noise extremely loud, or it works fine with the headsets. I took to dealership explaining the bad Center dialog and they ordered a new DVD player which was on back order and had to wait weeks for. It finally came in and they replaced it, and still did the same thing. They pulled a new Pacifica off the lot, and it did the same thing as well. The dealer said basically it was just a bad design from chrysler, which infuriated me. I spent a lot of money for the vehicle and everything should work perfectly. They told me to express my concerns to customer service. I call customer service and they open a case for me. I get an email a day later stating "my case was closed and the vehicle is working as it should." Which made me more mad as I wasn't contacted. I called back and talked to a supervisor, and they said they think it's a safety feature, and to buy more headsets if more people want to listen. Also they told me to reach out to the sales guys at the dealer, don't know why they would want me to do that. I'm extremely irritated by the run around and lack of effort on everyone at Chryslers part, I will never buy another vehicle from Chrysler ever after this experience. I do not think it is a safety feature as I can listen to the radio and talk through Bluetooth, so that excuse is complete garbage. I don't think they know what the problem is and keep diverting me. Does anyone else have this issue with their 2017 Pacifica?
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Did this ever work? I am having the same issue. I have to crank the movie all the way up and if I accidently hit my radio button the music will be SUPER LOUD and scare my kids. I just bought a van not even a week ago :(
Hi jessace,

We released a technical service bulletin (TSB) in September that might help with this situation. Your dealership will be able to let you know if this applies to your vehicle, and can then perform the update:

"NUMBER: 0808617
GROUP: 08 Electrical
DATE: September 2, 2017

Low Volume or Static While Using the Overhead DVD
This bulletin involves checking the DVD media hub auxiliary switch part number and possibly replacing the switch.
2017 (RU) Chrysler Pacifica

Customers may experience low volume or static from the overhead DVD player when playing through the radio while in auxiliary (AUX) mode.
If the customer describes the symptom/condition listed above, perform the Repair Procedure."

Chrysler Social Care Specialist
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I am also having this problem. My wife and I bought a 2018 Pacifica Limited. the sound does not work in the rear speakers. My wife has to click listen in on the front dash for any sound to work. Please help with this.
Hi Coreyhorner,
We're very sorry to hear this. We understand how frustrating this may be. Please let us know if you decide to have your dealer look into this. Just send us a private message and we will gladly assist you while your vehicle is at the dealer.
Chrysler Social Care Specialist
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