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Early reservation getting black interior VS White

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could be wrong here, but as per my sticker here http://www.chrysler.com/hostd/windowsticker/getWindowStickerPdf.do?vin=2C4RC1N73HR693819

I am getting a black interior, while my reservation was forced on white interior as black wasn't even an option. how about you guys? what do you see for interior color and what was your reservation color.

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I'll give you my experience which may not bring clarity as to what you are getting based on the window sticker information.

I saw two granite color Pacificas on the dealers lot. Both listed the interior color as Black/Alloy. One was a Limited and the seats were the off white color. The other was a Touring L+ and the seats were black. I preferred the off white seats and planned on ordering the L+. I questioned the salesperson about the interior color and the availability of the off white seats in the L+. The salesperson could not explain the difference in seat color between the two vans listing the same interior combination. After some research the dealer did determine that they could order the off white seats in the L+. The build sheet still listed black/alloy but a line item on the order deleted the black seat and near the bottom of the sheet there was a separate line item with an order code that added the off white (alloy) seats.

So, the interior color combination on the window sticker may not reflect the seat color.
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