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Just a little fun calculation I was doing for Earth Day - I believe I have cut my greenhouse gas emissions to <30% of a gasoline vehicle since we got our Pachy. Here is how I got there:

1. Estimate your changes by state, this brought my emissions down to about 56% of a gasoline vehicle (based on 96% of my miles being driven in Electric mode and State of Ohio electric sources) -
2. We use Arcadia power for our home power supply, which allows us to subscribe to 50% wind power instead of traditional methods for free, cutting my emissions even lower. (Not familiar with Arcadia power - check it out at arcadiapower.com/lauren3231) (referral link, gives us both a $25 credit)

Between those two, I believe we are at about 28% emissions VS a gasoline vehicle :grin2:. What about everyone else???

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