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Error Codes Galore 2018 PacHy

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This started back in October when the cold weather rolled in. It was throwing two codes which I talked about here: pacificaforums.com/forum/193-2017-chrysler-pacifica-minivan-general-discussion/40969-error-codes-p0128-u1124-2018-pachy.html

Now the van is throwing more codes. They replaced the thermostat, cleared the codes, and a few days later the light was back on (big surprise). My wife brought it back, they took several hours to look at it, and then told my wife that Chrysler knows about the problem (they couldn't say what the problem was) but that they don't have a fix for it. They sent her home with the van and then said that they would call us back with a fix. That was back in January. Fast forward to now, April 17th, and no call. I called Chrysler Cares and they told me to try a different dealership and that they shouldn't send us home with the check engine light still on. So, now I'm at a different dealer hoping that they'll actually take care of it. Hopefully Chrysler actually does care, because so far my experience has been the opposite. When I brought it to Autozone before I scheduled the appointment it was throwing 5 codes instead of just two:

P0128 (Yes this appeared twice)

As I sit in the waiting room I overheard the service guy that it's apparently throwing 6 codes now.

From my research so far it would appear that the battery heater pack is malfunctioning but I'm not entirely sure.

Any advice or service bulletins about these would be great so that I can be informed when they tell me what they need to do. It's still under warranty but I'm getting close now (28,000). Thanks!

EDIT: Apparently the other dealership put the wrong thermostat in, the part is supposed to end in AE but ended in AD. They aren't able to work on it, because mistakes by other dealers aren't covered under warranty. They're talking to a rep to find out what they can do since I don't want to go back to the other dealer. They are convinced that this is why the CEL is on, but I'm not convinced. They told me the other codes wouldn't trigger the CEL... which I'm really dubious of.
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Sounds like BS to me. call Chrysler cares and let them know what is going on. Warranty work done at a dealer under warranty should be covered at any dealer under warranty. Sounds to me like they probably won't be able to bill for their time since it was another dealers fault. Not your problem. Whenever they move up a part numbers letter designation it is usually because something has been modified. Maybe there was an issue with the Hybrid that initiated the Themostat needing to be revised??
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