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First Minivan

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Hello friends,

My name is Mike and i'm from Calgary, Canada and recently took delivery of a Black 8 passenger 2017 Pacifica Touring Plus and I am very impressed with this vehicle. I've always driven Toyota/Honda vehicles and since I am currently driving an AWD Toyota Venza 2009 I was heavily leaning towards the Sienna AWD 2017. The Odyssey was far behind as option #2. The Pacifica, well that was not even in the playing field to be honest.

When the day came to look at minivans, I visited two different Toyota dealerships and a nearby Honda dealer. The visit to both Toyota dealers gave me a bitter feeling towards the dealerships and Toyota in general. Honda Odyssey was too much minivan like for me, boring, utilitarian, designed and built as a people mover, meh.. no thanks.

The following weekend I decided to visit a Chrysler dealership and took a look at the Pacifica. I've read and watched many positive reviews of the van so I was very familiar with the vehicle and to be honest I felt I knew more about the van than the sales person but that didn't matter as he was very friendly and had great customer service. Coming from a BMW 335i, I tell you this van was much more luxurious compared to the beemer. The same options on the beemer would have cost at least $20K but on this van all the options only cost $8.5K, wow! 0% Financing for 72 months and $1K discount for the boxing week special, it was an offer hard to pass on. The following day, I signed the papers and was a proud owner. I'm loving the minivan, the technology is just amazing. Got the font and the whole hood completely 3M protected and got the undercoating spray (both done by 3rd party). 1st, 2nd and 3rd row husky liner mats on order and the Maxliner cargo mat has been installed (I gave this a 5 star rating in Amazon).

The next upgrade will most likely be winter rims and tires but that could wait until next winter as I still have my Venza. I won't be needing the Van until this spring as that's when my 3rd kid arrives :).

Sorry for the long winded intro but I plan to be active in this forum so I thought I'd give a proper introduction.

Thanks for reading,
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