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First oil change 1700 miles. Drain plug magnet results

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Simple to do. I like the plastic access panel for the drain bolt and the opening is big enough that oil doesn't spray on the belly pan (nicely done FCA).

For the first time ever on a new car nothing was over torqued. The filter came off with normal force. A 15/16 inch (23.8mm) socket is a better fit than 24mm.

The filter snaps out and when replacing it must snap in. If you invert it, and it falls out, you have not seated it correctly just like my 2000 S430. A new big O ring is included with the filter and the old needs to be replaced.

I put in 5 qts of Valvoline 0w20 meeting the FCA MS spec. It was a quart low. I waited several hours and no change. This morning, it was half a quart low. I usually check oil when hot while filling up at a gas pump not first thing in the morning. I'm going to check when its up to temp before adding another 1/2 qt. The manual is not entirely wrong when it states 5 qts but that does not bring it to the full mark. Looks to be 5.5. I'll know more later today.

The pics show the results of the drain bolt magnet after about 300 miles. I didn't put it on when I first got it which I normally do. This Turbo Mag is really for the bottom of a metal filter and any strong small magnet from Lowes will do. This won't work with a Fumato valve. I also use a Filter Mag on the filter but that won't work on a plastic canister.

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