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I found bits and pieces regarding this issue spread across a few different threads, but no definitive answers. I'm hoping this post makes it easier for others to find a solution to this particular problem...

I have a 2020 Pacifica with 2nd row captain's chairs that tilt forward for easy 3rd row access. After about 5 months of no issues, all of the sudden the passenger side captain's chair wouldn't tilt forward more than an inch or two. It would stow into the floor just fine, but not tilt as intended, making it far less convenient to unbuckle a toddler in the 3rd row.

[WARNING: The following details involve removing a couple of screws from the seat in order to address the tilt mechanism. I have no idea if something like this, although quick and seemingly harmless, could have implications on your warranty. Proceed at your own risk.]

After looking closer at how the seat functions, I suspected that one or both of the metal cables that gets pulled up as you engage the tilt handle might be loose. To see this, all you have to do is remove two torx screws from the plastic housing that 'bumps' into the stow and go cover when you tilt the seat forward. It's the part that appears to be 'stuck' when the tilt function isn't working.


Once you remove those screws you can pull off the inside half of the cover and clearly see the metal cable that controls the tilt mechanism. One of my cables for the passenger seat was completely off of the little button/knob that it's supposed to attach to.


At this point, I was able to simply slide the metal loop at the end of the cable back over the button/knob sticking out and screw the cover halves back together.

[Be cautious when touching these parts as they are covered in a blue grease. Not only do you probably not want this stuff on your clothes or van upholstery, but you also wouldn't want to remove any and reduce the lubrication on those mechanical parts. You should be able to grab and secure the metal loop onto the button by the collar of the connector without needing to touch the loop part directly.]

The fact that this loop can get loose in the first place leads me to believe it could be a manufacturing/assembly issue. When comparing the non-working side to the securely attached side, there didn't appear to be any broken or missing parts. This is also an indication that it may not permanently fix the issue and could require replacement parts or some adjustment by the dealership. That remains to be seen in my case, but at least I have an idea of how the tilting works now and can communicate the problem more clearly to a professional if need be.


I hope this helps somebody. Good luck!
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