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Fix for "Stuck" tilt 2nd Row

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I know there is a similar thread about the second row captains chairs NOT tilting. I do have this issue, just the reason, as far as I can tell, is NOT the same...
One side does NOT tilt anymore
I hope someone could give advice on how to fix it, as I DO know whats wrong.

On one side there is a cable lose. At the end of the cable there is a electrical switch. If i manually press it, I can tilt the second seat. At the seat that works, this switch is pluged in a triangle shaped plastic "thing". So my educated guess is, that in normal operation when you pull on the lever, the switch gets activated, and you can tilt the seat as an electric motor releases the seat loc (sic!), Ridiculously over-engineered , but this seems the way they did it.
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Pull here they said!

My question is: How to plug that little switch back in place? That plastic triangle thing is almost impossible to get to.It is so placed under the seat that I couldn't even get a picture. And which direction and where does the switch at the end of the cable goes?
Anyone any idea?
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THIS is the TILT I am looking for!

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Hello little switch, you don't belong here all alone.

I hope the pictures help...


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