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The front passenger side window was recently shattered by thieves in a 'smash-n-grab'.
Of course, the window broke into hundreds of little chunks. Some of those in the window frame continued to drop inside the door. I have several quotes averaging $250 to replace the glass, some as low as $100, all are below my deductible for comprehensive damage repair.
But I have been warned that technicians 'frequently' find damaged regulators (actuators) inside the door from the falling small chunks of glass. The regulator-actuator has NOT been attempted since discovering the shattered window. Some say the 'add-on' cost of the actuator would more than double the repair expense.
Is this a real and frequent problem? How much risk is there to removing the RIGHT passenger door panel to vacuum out the glass chunks?
Just to complicate the issue, we are in the midst of extended rain storms. What is the best way to block rain from entering the window?
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