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Functions Missing From the Radio

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I know that one of these issues (lack of a power button) has been discussed earlier, but here are the two things that I have been very surprised to find missing from the radio (8.4 Uconnect - the "Nav ready" version, not the one with Nav & HD radio).
1. No way to turn the radio off - you can mute the radio, but be careful doing so because it will turn on to whatever volume level you last had. I think the other solution was to select a different media option to effectively "turn off" the radio.

2. No scan feature - unless I'm missing something, there isn't a way to press a button and have the radio scan through stations. I know having more steering wheel buttons and the voice command stuff makes this less important, but it is a feature that I miss (and one I though was pretty universal).
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For me, the mute function effectively negates my need to turn it off. What I do wish I could do is scroll through my presets from the steering wheel in both the forward and backward direction. I'd find this way more useful than the tuning option it currently allows for.
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