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Many, many thanks for this great info,D B.

Had to get out from under my TIPM eating, kept-mint 2011 TnC (dealer said it was the nicest car he's ever seen with 100k miles) and replaced it with a '17 Pacifica just yesterday........but.............unlike the TnC, the Pacifica's USB isn't full time hot.

Who lives without an always hot USB? That's like wiring your bilge pumps to only come on with the key instead of from a flooding threat....hah ha.

Many thanks again for allowing me to dodge the dealer bullet of 125.00 per hour to accomplish this simple adjustment.

Anyone who protects someone from the drooling greed of a dealership service fee deserves a genuine.....YOU ARE THE MAN......acknowledgment.

Thanks again.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts