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Giving up on uconnect/speakers

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Is what I feel like doing. Had the new car one week (touring L) We are fairly tech savvy and the Uconnect with pandora integration was a huge selling point, more so for my husband than I. It took us a few days to get it to work-between mopar website, Google play u connect app, etc. Was working fine the first day. Now, I get different error messages (well the same 3, but different each time). Then maybe 1 out of 4 times it will work properly. I'm always logged into u connect properly so idk what the prob is.

I am beyond frustrated, feel like it is such a waste, and cant help but feel a bit cheated with this system, since obviously we couldn't test it fully before we bought it by hooking everything up to it. I hate having buttons that do nothing on the screen and would just prefer it to work! Any advice?!

Also, car is going in to get Nav installed tomorrow and I am going to talk to them about speakers. It sounds awful in my car -Sirius sounds like it's in a tin can, FM radio is static sounding even with local channels, and having trouble with Google play music/Bluetooth also. I'm coming from a 2011 Dodge grand caravan, so i def expected a better if not at least comparable sounding system. I was sadly wrong :(
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New to posting here, sorry for separate reply. Here are some of my error messages from the last few days. (FX hopefully they don't stay sideways when I upload)

On the one with the Pandora image- it stayed on that image for like 6 minutes before I gave up.

I'm hoping they are just some nuances that I am missing for getting this to work at least 75% of the time


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Thanks CentralFLA. We had dealer include it as part of negotiations so no promo needed for install unless I am missing something? Do we pay $500 for the service?
Thank you SurfNC. I will show my husband this and see what he thinks. He hasn't driven the car (had his phone in) since Sunday so I don't know why it would keep switching to his but we are sharing the one u connect log in. That may be the issue. We thought we only could use 1 but both of us have the app on our phone if that makes sense.

Does it make a difference when your phone tries to switch to Wi-Fi from data? For example, using data while driving home then when I get in range of my Wi-Fi switching to my house, would that cause a problem?
Spiced ham, I found out about it playi g the last media...like if I had a video ad running in chrome at some point. Didn't matter if everything was closed as well. A bit frustrating but I'll work around it. I do enjoy being able to skip (google play) music through the radio.

I'm sitting in kids pick up line playing with the speakers and listening to each one to see if a speaker is busted. Got it to sound ok when using my iPod which I plugged in using usb. Fm radio/Sirius sounds like garbage still. All the "s' sounds are highly emphasized like the radio has a lisp lol, fm has static and lisp. Really regretting not spending hours testing the radio during testing and stuff. Extremely disappointed and def expected speakers at least on par with my 2011 Grand Caravan.

I feel like messing with equalizer other than bass up or down one just makes everything worse.
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Thanks for clarifying CentralFla!
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