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Headsets and Remotes Included w/uConnect Theater ?

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Picked up my new Pacifica Touring L-Plus last night. Going over a ton of things, I discovered that I had no headphones or remotes for the uConnect Theater System. Are they supposed to be included or are they optional? Before I go back to the dealer, I'd like to know if I should have received them. Can't find any definitive information in the manual, on the DVD, or online.

Thanks for any information.
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Yes, as PacificaJohn said, you should have gotten a Uconnect Theater box that included the headphones, remotes, and batteries. Double check that the dealer didn't put them in the seatback pockets below the screens.
No worries! Glad you found them.
We received the headsets and the remotes, but no batteries. What are the batteries for and we would like to have them since they were supposed to be included.

The headsets were in the storage area where the pullout cup holders are and the remotes were stored in the pockets underneath the DVD players.
They're just standard AA batteries for the headphones. Nothing special about them. Are you sure the dealer didn't install them in the headphones for you?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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