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Hello everyone

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Hi, they call me ezdays, mainly because my last name is Day, and I'm kind of an easy-going person. And, of course, these are suppose to be our easy days since we retired a few years back.

Anyway, we picked up our new Pacifica a few weeks ago, but not without incident. On the way home, we stalled and a while later we found the "check engine" light on, so less than 24 hours later, our new vehicle was back at the dealer. They found the problem quickly, a bad EGR valve, just that it took Chrysler some 10 days before they sent them the right replacement. In the meantime, the dealer went above and beyond to loan us a, yup. a 2017 Pacifica. Not only did they bring the car to our house, we live some 35 miles away from the dealer, but they also delivered our Pacifica when it was finally repaired. I'm impressed for sure.

Anyway, I do have some comments and questions that I'll post later on. But for now, a great big HI from us here in Arizona.:grin2:
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Welcome to the forum ezdays. I can see why Chrysler wants to keep us early purchasers happy but it seems like the factory should have sent an EGR overnight...10 days is just not acceptable.

Our Pacifica has been great so far - zero initial defects after almost a month. I agree with cue003 on the getting stranded issue. Post warranty I do most of my own repairs and I never lose faith in a car that fails in the driveway or limps home...but have one strand me or especially my wife on the side of the road a couple times and it's history, haha. We had a 2000 Chrysler (Plymouth Grand Voyager) and it needed work only a couple times during the 198,000 miles we owned it but IT NEVER STRANDED US, so we loved it and decided to buy this Pacifica.

EDIT: Ah I just saw your second post that your Pacifica limped back so, to me, it's still a forgivable failure. May all your future failures be limp home failures! haha
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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