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Hello everyone

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Hi, they call me ezdays, mainly because my last name is Day, and I'm kind of an easy-going person. And, of course, these are suppose to be our easy days since we retired a few years back.

Anyway, we picked up our new Pacifica a few weeks ago, but not without incident. On the way home, we stalled and a while later we found the "check engine" light on, so less than 24 hours later, our new vehicle was back at the dealer. They found the problem quickly, a bad EGR valve, just that it took Chrysler some 10 days before they sent them the right replacement. In the meantime, the dealer went above and beyond to loan us a, yup. a 2017 Pacifica. Not only did they bring the car to our house, we live some 35 miles away from the dealer, but they also delivered our Pacifica when it was finally repaired. I'm impressed for sure.

Anyway, I do have some comments and questions that I'll post later on. But for now, a great big HI from us here in Arizona.:grin2:
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Thanks for the welcome. We really didn't get stranded since the vehicle would start again. Not only that, but we had the salesman in the back seat. He was going home with us to pick up our trade-in, a 2014 T&C. It would continue to stall, but restart OK, so we were able to drive back to the dealer, even though it did stall every once in a while. As for color, this is the third Chrysler vehicle in a row, a Jeep Cherokee, a T&C and now the Pacifica, and all were the same dark red color. We chose that based on how if was equipped, but it's fun watching "our" van in all those commercials... it seems like that's the choice color for them all so far.
Just for the record,

  • The code showed a bad EGR valve, dealer tried to order one but was directed to contact Chrysler engineering.
  • Engineering told them to take a unit out of another vehicle and test it.
  • The dealer did and said it worked.
  • Engineering said to put the other good unit back and they'd send a new unit, but a few days later, all the dealer got was a kit with gaskets and seals.
  • Dealer installed the kit and performed all the checks, but no change, vehicle stalls and the check engine light stays on.
  • Dealer contacted engineering. Two days later, engineering asked if the dealer performed all the checks.
  • Dealer informed engineering that yes, they did perform all the checks.
  • Next day, engineering said they'd send a new unit.
  • Since it arrived on Saturday, the dealer installed the unit on Monday and I had the vehicle a few hours later.

Bear in mind, the dealer did all that Chrysler asked them to do, they also drove a new Pacifica loaner to my house and delivered our vehicle when it was ready. You can't ask for better customer service than that.
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