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HELP: MOPAR website has a different owner name and sale deed on a new car

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I got hold of my new 2020 pacifica hybrid limited, which had 36 miles on it (i am assuming due to test drives) and was trying to activate the 1 year sirius xm guardian trial . When i called up the representative, they said, that the ownership was done already in someone else's name , they had the sale deed and they could transfer the remaining service to me. That shook me up, and i called up the dealer. Initially they mentioned, they had registered the name incorrectly when they were demoing the feature. But then, they mentioned that they were in the process of registering the vehicle to someone else, and at the last moment, they backed out and thats why this is happening.

I have checked the VIN number with all available online sources, and none of them show a sale/ownership or any records. I have got a temporary registration number till the DMV issues me the permanent number.

What do you think could be my next steps. Confused if there could be a potential damage on the car, or maybe something else?
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Strange because registration doesn’t really happen until the owner takes delivery and signs off on all the documentation. You should check to see if vehicle was ever put into service prior to yourself . Something doesn’t seem right , if somebody else bought it but backed out the paperwork still wouldn’t have gone thru the office .
Yeah I would say the dealer should have fixed it prior to them even reselling the van .
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