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HELP: MOPAR website has a different owner name and sale deed on a new car

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I got hold of my new 2020 pacifica hybrid limited, which had 36 miles on it (i am assuming due to test drives) and was trying to activate the 1 year sirius xm guardian trial . When i called up the representative, they said, that the ownership was done already in someone else's name , they had the sale deed and they could transfer the remaining service to me. That shook me up, and i called up the dealer. Initially they mentioned, they had registered the name incorrectly when they were demoing the feature. But then, they mentioned that they were in the process of registering the vehicle to someone else, and at the last moment, they backed out and thats why this is happening.

I have checked the VIN number with all available online sources, and none of them show a sale/ownership or any records. I have got a temporary registration number till the DMV issues me the permanent number.

What do you think could be my next steps. Confused if there could be a potential damage on the car, or maybe something else?
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The vehicle registration has not happened yet, the sale deed is signed though. So, somewhere between the sale deed getting signed and the dealer proceeding for registration, looks like something has happened/changed. Not sure what that is. The story is really confusing there.. I checked the VIN 2C4RC1N77LR270315 on carfax and other sites, but they all through a blank. The california dmv site dont show anything on records too. The odo runs only till about 40 miles , which means no one has used it (unless there was a way to tamper with that). Except on the MOPAR site, where it shows a different owner. Now, the initial sales rep. claim was that, it was registered as a part of the demo process to another customer. But when i informed him that sirius guardian folks have a copy of the sale deed, he said the customer backed out after the sale deed was done. This sounds a bit shaky to me, imo.
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When I bought my car on Friday they actually had me go through the process of registering the Sirius XM Guardium app prior to signing all final paperwork. The finance manager was busy and wanted to keep things moving,

So it’s very possible for someone to do this and then back away before buying the vehicle. Have the dealer pull a Carfax for you. If it was registered to another buyer it should be on there.
Thanks!The part thats got a red light flashing was that the sirius guardian customer care mentioning that they had the previous sale deed..
Just realized that MOPAR/Chrysler also had a different owner name. (FCA seems to be the first owner!) back on nov. 30th.I have contacted the dealer who has mentioned, since the buyer backed out at the last moment, he needs to go fix it with the Chrysler systems. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Yeah I would say the dealer should have fixed it prior to them even reselling the van .
The dealer spoke to Chrysler and fixed it. Now I show up as a proper owner in their records. They said they were unaware that the problem was there . Also the dealer was able to give the original warranty timelines . The dealer is paying me back for the uconnect trial time lost .

Hopefully the DMV records are clean!! Fingers crossed
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